May 2, 2016

​Notice:  All new tenants are required to fill out and submit a Information Form to the resident manager.  Also, any other tenants who have not yet filled out this form need to do so.  This form is available from the resident manager.  A sample copy image is provided here.


We cannot stress this enough.  Please use only toilet paper to flush down your toilet.  Handi wipes, sanitary napkins and flushable wipes are not allowed.  These type of wipes do not break down like regular toilet paper and get stuck in the pipes.  There is evidence that wipes are still being used in the building and clogging the drains.  You risk having your toilet back up into your bathroom or your neighbors!

June 29, 2016

Notice:  The direction for driving behind the building has been changed to a one-way direction from the Diamond Head (east ) side to the Ewa (west) side only.  This change has been made because the new parking spaces behind  the building have been realigned at a 45 degree angle facing west.  Also, some resident's parking stall numbers have been changed.  Please note the number change and annotate the new number on your payment check.

​December 4, 2017

This section contains any notices, cautions, reminders or warnings by the resident manager.  Please check this section often as it is frequently updated with the latest information for all tenants.

October 16, 2017​​

​October 22, 2017

​Holiday Manor's Resident Manager Derek Oh has submitted his letter of resignation to the current Board of Directors.  No confirmed date of  his last day as resident manager has been set, although a tentative  date is sometime at the end of this year.